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甜美可爱 可以舔鲍鱼 欢迎品鉴
甜美可爱  可以舔鲍鱼  欢迎品鉴1

Come from where 来自哪里:



多久未返回中国 :

Name 姓名 : 萌萌 Mei Mei【1277号】

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 38D

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Hotel work 酒店开工

$100/1Shot 1次/60mins

8731 4738

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


2020-04-06 13:51Hungrywolf Says:
Just visited the gal.
Service was passable BUT medium hippo. No 毒龙also. Real person n 天和地。
Really regret. Try at your own risk.shouldnt Trust the Chinese FR before
2020-01-04 15:22小雄 Says:
开门见到的和照片好看…… 呵呵。林林帮我脱了衣服还一起洗澡,在里面我们就开始摸着对方。
林林的服务真的很好喜欢她口交的时候看着我,受不了。我也舔到宝贝流水.... 口爆的时候,林林吸到嘴里。
2020-03-21 16:40TERRY Says:
2020-01-01 01:06sKy Says:
BOOBS咪咪: BTW D and E, with small nipples 大奶小乳头. Best boobs I have seen in my life!!! Her boobs like Japan AV girl Anri Okita 最强大奶很像 AV女优
BODY身材: 10/10 。Superb ass and boobs, do excuse her for little tummy

French 亲吻: Y . Very passionate 很疯狂
FJ啪啪: 10/10, can half way take off ur cap ask her to suck, then continue,Or u can pump into her mouth when u almost want to cum 可半途拔掉套口交然后再继续,也可插够爽了无套口爆全部射嘴里!
Ass rimming 毒龙 :10/10 best I encounter
SERVICE服务态度:10/10,no rush at all
GFE女友感: 8/10
2020-04-07 01:45Yaogui Says:
Fr long Chong dou tou dio dio Liao.
2020-01-02 02:03fong Peter Says:
2019-12-29 01:39Glum Says:
good service
2019-12-28 13:49Joson Says:
Her look is those you wont reject , friendly and great service money well spent will go for second , third and maybe fourth appointment
2019-12-28 02:18福尔查德 Says:

Lin Lin is really a nice lady, very sexy and boobs is big. I’m a boobs lover so she definitely gum me. Btw she smell nice, and I love the way she bbbj for me, and what surprise me is when she lick my asshole, instantly i got goosebumps all over me, really interesting feeling. FJ is good as well, as her stereo moaning make me feel so like a man. Overall a very satisfied bonk, will rtf.

Just came back from an amazing session with her. Looks same as photos, I especially like her voice very sweet. Service is also good, I got a hard time Cumming as PCC before that, but she manage to make me cum during doggy. Will visit her again tomorrow.
2019-12-27 16:01龙行天下 Says:
2019-12-27 14:07周立军 Says:
Busty, sweet talker,
2019-12-27 13:54强子 Says:
2019-12-25 23:23龙爷 Says:
2019-12-25 14:12知足常乐 Says:
新来的,very good service breast big take good
2019-12-25 23:25龙爷 Says:
2019-12-25 00:20天天快乐 Says:
服务非常细,一条龙,人长得可爱白晢,不催活,对我很好,超级满意!Very Good
2019-12-23 14:01and then Says:
2019-12-22 23:09sky Says:
very good service breast big take good care of me

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